B5 Systems 556 Collapsible Precision Stock AR-15 Stock Mil-Spec Diameter Carbine Receiver Extension Compatible Polymer, Black

B5 Systems

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Upgrade your AR-15 rifle with the B5 Systems 556 Collapsible Precision Stock. This precision-engineered stock combines lightweight construction with robust durability, enhancing the performance and comfort of your firearm. Crafted from high-quality polymer, the B5 Systems 556 stock is designed to withstand rigorous use while maintaining a sleek and ergonomic profile.

The collapsible design allows for easy adjustment of the length of pull, ensuring optimal fit and control for different shooting positions and preferences. Whether you're engaging targets at close quarters or shooting with precision at longer ranges, this stock provides the versatility you need.

Compatible with Mil-Spec diameter carbine receiver extensions, the B5 Systems 556 stock seamlessly integrates with standard AR-15 platforms. Installation is straightforward, allowing you to quickly upgrade your rifle without specialized tools.

Enhance your shooting experience with the B5 Systems 556 Collapsible Precision Stock, offering a blend of functionality, reliability, and comfort ideal for tactical applications, competitive shooting, and recreational use.

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