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New Lower Prices

We have rolled back our prices to a new lower price just in time for holiday shopping. All new prices are in affect starting 10/16/2021.  Read More

Gunsmithing services

Eagle Armorment offers gunsmithing services and offer discounts on hourly shop rate in the event our customer would need any work or cleaning on a firearm that was purchased through us. Financing is able to be used on this service and not just on merchandise and firearms.  Read More

Need help? Have questions?

Is you are shopping and need assistance or have any questions. Please feel free to call, email or message us by clicking on the messenger icon at the bottom right of the screen and we will get back to with to help with your shopping experience.  Read More

Price Match Products

If you see a lower price somewhere else, that is the same item we sell. Contact us with the details and we will make every effort to price match.  Contact us at:  Read More

Out of Stock Notifications

As items tend to go in and out of stock. If you select "notify me" button and it comes back in stock, be sure to check your junk mail and spam folder so you dont miss out on something you are wanting. Sometimes the notifications show up in those folders by accident.  Read More

Emailer sign up for promotions, sales and more

We want to know if your interested in receiving emails monthly on sale, promotions and more? To have our customers avoid the concern of there email being sent to other places and there inbox gets loaded up with junk, we decided to do our own in house emailer. Just click on the contact us tab and send us email saying you would like to be added to our emailer or click on the messenger icon in the bottom right corner of the home screen and a live person will be in touch with you.  Read More

Long Gun Shipping adjustment

Our long gun shipping has increased from $15 to $25 do to our shippers classification of oversized packages. We continually work with our shippers to get the best possible prices on shipping, cause we don't like to pay anymore for shipping then our customers do.  Read More

Some Changes done to our website

The Clearance, Custom Packages and Available Rebates catagory is now under the shop by brand tab at the top of the screen.  Read More

New Clearance section

We just added a Clearance section to our homepage. There will be different products added from time to time. (Clearance section cannot be used in a price match)  Read More

How is our prices compared to others?

Contact us to find out what we can do for you. Our price matching guidlines will be under our store policy.  Read More

Firearms, ammunition availability and financing

Our inventory is always changing with the supply and demand, especially with firearms and ammo. If you see a product on our website with low inventory numbers (under 100) it could be sold out quickly (within hours). We hate to see our customers miss out and thats another reason why we started offering a finance option. We know not everyone has piles of extra money laying around to drop a few hundred or thousand for new firearms and gear. Credit card interest is high and variable (25%-30%) which could potentially have you paying twice for your new gear. ARC90 has 15% simple interest on a 12 month max term and a simple one page application process. There is no early pay off penalty either.  Read More

Ammunition availability

We are slowly starting to be able to stock up on ammo once again. Stay tuned to our website for availability and be sure to use the "notify me" feature on out of stock products. We have been able to get some rifle rounds and bigger pistol rounds but refused to charge our customers ridiculous prices. If there is a need to have ammo immediately, contact us and we will try to track down what your looking for at the best possible price.  Read More

ARC90 Financing update

ARC90 financing can be used on Silencer Shop link as well as Eagle Armorment. Orders will need to be emailed or called in to establish the quote for the financing company. Needed will be UPC codes off of each product and the product name to build the order.  Read More

Custom order McMillan stocks available

We offer McMillan stocks custom ordered to customers rifle model and color preference. Need us to change it out also? We can do that!  Read More

Product lines expanding

Our camping and survival gear product lines are expanding. So that means more name brand products to choose from.  Read More

Free Shipping on New Customer Orders

For new customers looking to finance there order, will receive free shipping or they can opt for 5% off there order if they choose to do curbside pickup.   Read More

90 days same as cash available!

A button will be added to our homepage soon for our customers convenience in applying for financing. Once approved for financing and your products have been selected, Eagle Armorment will then submit the invoice to the finance company. There is no lengthy paperwork or credit pull done, it's based on good banking history. Terms Example:  ($1,000 purchase with payments for 12 months, payments of $33.83 bi-weekly) Paid off before 90 days 0% interest Term out to 9 months 12% Max Term out to 12 months 15% You'll need the following to qualify:A. A valid driver license or state issued ID.B. A valid bank account.C. Proof of income. **Eagle Armorment does not keep customer personal and financial information. The information need...  Read More

Arc90 financing coming soon to Eagle Armorment

Financing coming soon! We will soon be offering arc90 financing for our customers. Get the items now while there in-stock instead of risking waiting to have the full amount to make the purchase and it not being in-stock. Low monthly payments and 90 days same as cash are just a few of the perks. The interest rate is a max of 15% APR compared to most credit card companies and the maximum length of term is only 12 months. More details to follow.  Read More

Live chat available

If you have a question while your shopping, don't be afraid to click on the little blue icon at the bottom right of your screen. Live support can answer your questions quickly.  Read More

Firearms, ammo and other outdoor gear starting replenish

Popular products becoming available again We are starting to see more firearms, ammo and other outdoor gear become more readily available. That being said the prices are slowly decreasing for us as a dealer. There is no telling if it will decrease back to what it was before covid, but we plan to still work with our customers to help them get the product they want at a good price.    Read More

Eagle Armorment discount

For any new customer order placed at or will get 10% off there next order! ***Silencer Shop and Eagle Armorment are working together to help with NFA paperwork that is involved with silencers, short barrel rifle and shotguns. By clicking on the Silencer Shop link above will get you started with finding the product you want and doing the step by step paperwork. We even offer two different gun trusts.*** (Average wait time currently from the ATF on NFA paperwork approval is 8-12 months.)  Read More

Eagle Armorment has partnered with The Silencer Shop

Eagle Armorment is now working with The Silencer Shop to better serve our customers and make obataining a silencer less strenuous with the needed paperwork. A link will be added soon to our homepage for easy shopping. The Silencer shop tab is now on our homepage! Eagle Armorment/Silencer Shop  Read More

Back in stock notification feature now available!

Sign up and get notified when items are back in stock.  Read More

Layaway available

Eagle Armorment is now offering layaway again. See our policies for details and requirements.  Read More

Hawaii and Alaska Shipping available

We are now shipping to Alaska and Hawaii. There will be a additional charge that will apply. Please contact us and we can discuss details. The flat rate shipping we offer currently only applies to the lower 48 states.  Read More
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