• Does Eagle Armorment have a physical store? 

No, we mostly do sales through our online store. As we grow our customer base, we plan to eventually have a physical store as well as our online store.

  • I selected curbside pickup because I am local. How do I pick-up my order?

You will receive updates via email as your order progresses through fulfillment process.

  • Do you do firearm transfers?

Yes, please refer to our "firearm transfer policy" under store policy section.

  • I have an Ohio CCW permit. Do you except those when doing a firearm transfer?

Yes, however it must be current with matching address to your driver license/state issued.  I.D. (Note: Counterfeits will be reported due to recent rule changes.)

  • Why is backordered product availability dates change?

The estimated back in-stock date is our furthest date of availability on those products we get from our suppliers. Products have been known to arrive much sooner than the date given.

  • How does your nationwide gunsmithing service work? 

We will work with customers throughout the USA. A free quote will be generated and sent to you for approval. More information can be found under our gunsmithing section.

  • Will I need to have my firearm go through the transfer process again after service or repair is completed?

No, unless your state requires it to be sent to an FFL dealer (please check your state & local laws). Firearms to be returned after service or repair must be returned to the same address from which it was sent from.


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