Glock Sight Adjustable Rear 3 w/ MINI Screwdriver 6635


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Enhance your shooting accuracy with the Glock Sight Adjustable Rear 3, MINI Screwdriver (Model 33515). Designed for Glock enthusiasts and marksmen, this adjustable rear sight offers precision and customization to suit your shooting preferences.

The sleek design of the sight ensures a low profile without compromising on durability. Crafted from high-quality materials, the Glock Sight 33515 is built to withstand the rigors of regular use, providing long-lasting reliability. The adjustable feature allows you to fine-tune your sight alignment, giving you the edge in achieving pinpoint accuracy.

Included with the sight is a convenient MINI Screwdriver, specially designed for easy installation and adjustment. Whether you're a seasoned shooter or a novice, the Glock Sight Adjustable Rear 3, MINI Screwdriver combo is an essential addition to your firearm accessories.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable Rear Sight for Glock pistols
  • Precision engineering for enhanced accuracy
  • Durable and low-profile design
  • Includes a MINI Screwdriver for easy installation and adjustments

Technical Specifications:

  • Model: 33515
  • Compatibility: Glock pistols
  • Material: High-quality materials for durability

Elevate your shooting experience with the Glock Sight Adjustable Rear 3, MINI Screwdriver. Invest in precision, reliability, and the confidence to hit your target with every shot.

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