Hornady American Whitetail .30-30 WCF Ammunition 20 Rounds 150 Grain RN


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Experience unmatched accuracy and superior performance with Hornady American Whitetail .30-30 WCF Ammunition. This box of 20 rounds features a powerful 150 Grain RN (Round Nose) bullet, designed specifically for hunting white-tailed deer. With its carefully crafted design, this ammunition delivers exceptional expansion and controlled penetration, ensuring clean and ethical takedowns.

The Hornady American Whitetail .30-30 WCF Ammunition is constructed with premium components, including high-quality brass casings and reliable primers, resulting in consistent and reliable performance. The 150 Grain RN bullet is expertly engineered to provide optimal weight retention and energy transfer upon impact, maximizing stopping power.

Whether you're an avid hunter or a sports shooter, you can trust Hornady's commitment to precision and reliability. Each round is meticulously manufactured to meet strict quality standards, ensuring dependable performance every time you pull the trigger. With Hornady American Whitetail .30-30 WCF Ammunition, you can confidently pursue your passion for hunting with accuracy and effectiveness.

Manufacturer Number: 80801
Hornady .30-30 Winchester Ammunition 20 Rounds InterLock RN 150 Grains
Caliber: .30-30 Winchester
Bullet Weight: 150 Grains
Bullet Type: Hornady InterLock Round Nose (RN)
Rounds: 20 Rounds per box
Muzzle velocity: 2390 fps
Muzzle Energy: 1902 ft/lbs
Jacket Material: Copper
Core Material: Lead
Tip Material: Lead
Ballistic Coefficient: .186
Sectional Density: .226
Casing: Reloadable Brass Case
Uses: Deer and Medium Game

Age Required (Years):

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