Once Shot™ Trade-In Program Policy

Once Shot™ Program Policy:
The following Trade terms apply to any and all Trade Transactions and Trade Requests between you and Eagle
Armorment, Initiated by you on the Eagle Armorment's Site via the Once Shot™ form. \We reserve the right to modify the Trade Terms at any time. All Trade Transactions between you and Eagle Armorment are subject to the then/current terms. Therefore, you should review the Terms each time you sell Trade Items through the Site. If you do not agree with the Terms, current to the time of Trade Transaction, do not sell any Trade Items through the Site or to Eagle Armorment.

Representations and Warranties:
By accepting the Once Shot™ policies, terms & conditions you represent and warrant that:
You: (1) are a United States citizen or a lawful permanent resident allen (a "green card" holder); (2) are 18 years of
age or older; (3) are the sole legal owner of the trade item(s); (4) are not prohibited in any way from selling the
trade item(s) to us; (5) are not under indictment for any crime which is punishable for a term exceeding one year and; (6) live in a state in which it is legal for you to own and possess the trade item(s).

• The Trade Items have not been modified to make them non-compliant with Federal, State or Local laws.
• The Trade Items are not subject to regulation under the Natlonal Firearms Act. (e.g., machineguns, shortbarreled
rifles (SBRJ, short-barreled shotguns [SBS], and silencers Suppressors).
• The Trade Item is not an airgun nor a muzzleloader.
• The serial numbers on the Trade Items are legible, original and have not been altered, modified or obscured in
any manner.
• The Trade Items are not defective and reflect both operational and visual condition as described by the seller at
time of trade request or trade transaction.
• The Trade Items will not be shipped to us loaded, nor contain any live ammunition.
• Your residence address that you provided to us is Your actual physical address.
• You are located within the contiguous lower 48 States, Alaska or Hawaii.
• You have exactly followed Eagle Armorment's packing and shipping instructions for the trade items as provided
to you by Eagle Armorment, including proper use of return shipping label, packaging and specified shipping
Inspection, Acceptance or Rejection of Trade Items:
Eagle Armorment's offer to purchase the Trade Items from you is
conditioned upon:
• Eagle Armorment's initial request inspection via trade-in form correspondence.
• An agreement of request with intent between you and Eagle Armorment (valid for 5 days from when Eagle
Armorment's offer is sent to you).
• A physical inspection of the Trade Item after you ship said trade items to us at no charge to you using Eagle
Armorment's return shipping kit.
• Receipt of a valid ID (drivers license, state ID card, etc.)(should be already included in the submitted form).

**Eagle Armorment reserves the right to accept or reject the trade items for any reason.**

If we do not accept the Trade Items:
• If the Trade Items, after arrival to us, fail to pass our physical inspection at no fault from you:
  *No additional return fee will be charged to you in order to return the Trade Items.
• If the Trade Items do not match the images, descriptions or specifications provided by you in the trade request or trade transaction, thus failing to pass our physical inspection:
  *You will be charged a return fee of $40 (forty dollars USD) for return processing and shipping.
  *If you do not pay the applicable return fee within ninety (90) days of our email to you, then title to the Trade
Item transfers to Eagle Armorment, and we will have no further obligation to you.

We will contact you via email and inform you that Eagle Armorment did not accept the Trade Items and include
the reasons why.
• The Trade Transaction will be dissolved and canceled.
• Title and risk of loss to the Trade Items will not pass to us and will always remain with you, unless and until you
fail to pay any return fee in the allotted time frame where applicable.
• The Trade Items will be shipped back to you per the shipping terms and restrictions defined in the terms.
We can return your Trade Items at any time before the Once Shot™ order has been processed. Once the order for
the new firearm has been completed the Trade Item(s) becomes the property of Eagle Armorment. Please note any returned Trade Items will incur a $40 charge for return processing and shipping. These returns ship via the
shipping terms and restrictions defined in the terms.

Once Shot™ Shipping Terms Addendum
Eagle Armorment's Shipping Methods for the Once Shot™ Trade Transactions follow our standard shipping terms
defined in the terms.
• Eagle Armorment will only ship the New Firearm to valid FFL holders located within the contiguous United
States, Alaska & Hawaii.
• Once your FFL Dealer receives the New Firearm, you as the purchaser will then be required to fill out all pertinent paperwork with them in order to take possession of your New Firearm.

*Any fees your FFL may charge for processing your transfer are the responsibility of the transferee.*