Our Mission

Welcome to Eagle Armorment, where our journey began in 2019 with a singular vision – to be self-employed and craft a business that goes beyond mere transactions. As the owner and CEO, I embarked on this venture with the aspiration of not only building a stable foundation for my entrepreneurial dreams but also creating a work environment that echoes the essence of family.

From the outset, our mission at Eagle Armorment has been to evolve from a solo endeavor into a thriving business that provides meaningful employment opportunities. We aim to cultivate a workplace where individuals are not just employees but valued contributors, where the rewards are a reflection of their dedication and hard work.

Our commitment to fostering a family atmosphere is more than a tagline; it's embedded in the fabric of Eagle Armorment. We believe that when individuals feel a sense of belonging, their potential flourishes, and the collective synergy propels us toward shared success.

At the core of our values is an unwavering dedication to customer care. We understand that our customers are the heartbeat of our business, and their satisfaction is the compass guiding our path. Every product we offer, every service we provide, is infused with a commitment to excellence that extends far beyond the point of sale.

As we continue to grow, our focus remains on building a lasting future – a future where Eagle Armorment stands as a testament to the belief that businesses can be both successful and compassionate. Join us on this journey, where self-employment transforms into a collective vision, and every customer becomes a part of our extended family.



   Steven Hess Jr.

   (Owner & CEO)